The Great Rudini!

Rudene is a diehard Packer fan! 

Dan and I met at the University that we both attended in Wisconsin.   I remember clearly the first time that I met Dan's mom, Rudene, it feels like it was yesterday.   We met his parents for lunch after several months of dating.  I don't know why but I was expecting Dan's mom to be a fat old farm lady from northern Wisconsin.  Instead there was Rudene, the direct opposite of a fat old farm lady.   Young (44 years old), nattily dressed, vivacious, confident, fun, outgoing, happy, smart and a loving mom.   Wow!  I was impressed!  And some 20 odd years later I continue to be impressed with Rudene. 
If I was told that I could only use one sentence to describe Rudene it would be "Servititude with a happy heart."   I don't mean servititude in the indentured servant way, rather Rudene gives of herself selflessly every single day.   Rudene truly gets pleasure out of serving others, making other peoples lives a little bit easier by the things that she does and making people feel good about themselves after spending time with her.  She has a wonderful way of building people up and making them feel good about themselves.   There are alot of people that say that they don't mind serving others but Rudene is different.   I really think it is what motivates her and fills up her emotional tank.   I have never heard her grumble about the things that she does for people, she is always the first one to say she can help you out and she does it all with a smile on her face and honestly that happiness in her heart just shines through! 
Everybody who knows Rudene knows she is an over the top cook and baker!  She keeps an immaculate home, which to this day intimidates me because you all know how I like to clean, and has beautiful flower and vegetable gardens.  
Rudene LOVES her kids.   So much of who Dan has become is due to his mom. They are very similiar to one another.  Bright, inquisitive, detailed-oriented and gregarious, just to name a few attributes they both share.  One of the most important qualities that Dan took from his mom was the ability to make other people feel good about themselves.  It was that ability along with his humorous personality that attracted me to him.   I've learned through watching both Dan and Rudene that when you feel confident about yourself, you are able to build others self esteem up.  Rudene has become a good and trusted friend.   Rudene thank you for so many wonderful years together, you are a very special person in my life.

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