Speech Therapy Approved!

Kai LOVES to be outside!  And mosquito's LOVE Kai!  Unfortunately Kai has sensitive skin that reacts dramatically to bites.   This week he was put on a steroid for a bite that made his eye swell up that he couldn't even open his eye.   All summer long Kai has looked like he has gone 13 rounds with M&ke T&son. 

I won't lie, the day after I wrote the Advocate post I made several phone calls and gave everyone a tongue lashing for their on-going incompetency.   I obviously had gotten myself riled up by the post that I had written.  By writing it out, I realized how long this issue had been going on and how much I was being jerked around.   The good news is that the very next day the speech facility company called to tell me that the insurance had all the information now and that they had already paid for the outstanding speech therapy claim.  By the insurance company paying the outstanding claim I will assume that they will pay for the speech therapy going forward.   I can't wait to get Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's new ear molds on Wednesday and then start him in some intensive speech therapy!!  Please pray that Kai's speech comes together for him and he quickly learns a language.  


nina said...

The mosquitoes love Timothy the same way!! I buy the bullfrog bug/sunscreen combo but if I leave anything uncovered a bug bites it. Then it becomes a huge knot. I am so happy they are going to pay for the speech therapy and I am hoping his new molds come soon!! We supported our local Lions Club by going to the Labor Day rides in our town. So glad that organization is out there! Have a great holiday today! Love Anita

Beth said...

Prayers your way!

Becky said...

Always thinking of you guys!! You are doing a tremendous job mommy :) Praying Kai finds his voice very soon. Love the photos of Bei you posted too.
xo NY,CT,MN,SC Becky