My Kids Wear Clothes...It's A Rule!!

 These are pictures from this summer.  Playing mini-golf in Hayward.

I'm responding to both Becky and Jeannine who commented on the last blog post about my unclothed kids.  The funny thing is that I have a rule that Bei has to wear at least what we call a "daddy shirt" which is a white t-shirt.   But as you both know, I am not a very good rule follower.   Luckily, Bei is a real rule follower and wants to make sure that he nor I break the rules.    Sometimes when he goes on Wii he ask me to turn on the timer, so he doesn't play too long.   If I tell him to stop doing something or I am going to punish him we get into a very lengthy discussion about the specifics of the punishment.   He will want to know the what, how, who, where, when and by the time we are finished discussing it he definitely is not doing the behavior that deserves the punishment.   I once gave him a punishment of not being on the computer for the day and he said "mom, that is not tough enough, you need to do like 4 days".   Okay!  4 days it is!   He is definitely a kid that likes to please his parents with good behavior.  Which reminds me that we got Bei's report card this week.   I showed it to Dan when he got home from work and this is what he said, "Honestly Liz...6 absence and 8 Tardy's!"   Make that 9 Dan, the very next day we were late!!!   Luckily, I have a special needs kid and can throw that card on the table.   I go to the office and they look at me and I just nod towards Kai and give them the look and they write "Ride Late."   Come on! Why can't they write "screaming insane inconsolable child in the morning" or least  "little brother had gas".    So every year I have the same New Years Resolution;   Don't be a back seat driver   Now my new  New Years resolution is no tardy's beginning 2012.   It would make my little rule follower very happy...except on Mass days, he always wants to be late. 

Kai Update;  Kai walked downstairs repeatedly by himself, one foot after the other.   I have to give Dan all the credit because he was playing with him on the steps and he had the confidence that Kai could do it without his assistance.   He probably went up and down the steps 40 times...by himself!   This is HUGE!!!   Stairs have been a problem from a safety point of view.   Balancing on one foot to reach your other foot down to the next step is extremely hard for a person with Ataxia.    That little boy is such an inspiration to me!   'For Kai there are no problems, only solutions'.   Love that little boy!!! 

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Becky said...

Liz, I think you just put the shirts on for the photos ; ) You know Nick Nick never wants to wear pants.... far worse! Wonderful news about Kai's progress, so excited for him & you!! Wishing your beautiful family a very Merry Christmas (hope everyone is healthy so you can enjoy). We miss you. xo Becky