Denied Again!

Is there anything more precious than sleeping children?

We found out today that Kai was denied our second request to go to the public Deaf and HOH school.  In the first meeting I didn't really understand the dynamics going on in the room, but this time the Deaf/HOH teacher came and she laid it out on the line.  She said, that they don't feel that they can accomodate him at this time.  They said, the room is too crowded and the classroom is geared towards 4 year olds.  They are willing to consider him in the fall when they move to a new building which will be in the town that we live in.   What my school district is offering me instead is 2 afternoons a week, where Kai will be in a pre-school setting at an elementary school.    He will have a special ed teacher, speech and Deaf and HOH teacher.   They will also provide him PT and OT services.   Additionally, they will install a sound system for him which will amplify the teacher's voice.    I told them that I would need to come and evaluate the school before I agreed to it.   The pre-school is new and won't start up until January. 
In the meantime, we are still considering the private school that costs a bundle.  I am going to go look at it again on Monday.   We are looking at going only 3 days a week and if he went for a full year, for only the 3 days it would cost us over $19,000 a year.   Once he moves out of the toddler program the cost raises to $30,000 a year.   OUCH!   Some school districts pay for it but ours won't without a fight.   At this point, I am not stressing about it because I believe God has a plan for him.   I just need to watch it unfold.  

I wanted to share with you some good things that are happening to Kai.   He is going to be fitted with braces that will fit in his shoes and go up to his ankles.  YaHOO!!!!!!    As a reminder, Kai has what is medically defined as Ataxia.   I call it "Drunken Sailor Condition", but it really is a balance issue due to malformation or trauma to his cerebellum (base of skull).   I have been really concerned about Kai's walking lately.   He falls ALOT!  He walks around with his toes curled under his feet and/or he walks on the side of his feet and/or the balls of his feet, he hyper-extends his knee's.  He is doing everything within his power to compensate for his balance issue's and to walk.   He is such a hard little worker!!  Anyway, I am excited that he will get fitted for braces because he needs the help.   The physical therapist warned me that he may need to learn to walk all over again, but I am okay with it.   

Also, we got Kai's hearing aid back from the audiologist and he has been a champ about wearing both of them.    Tonight we were playing basketball down in the basement and I told him to sign me "more" before I would give him the ball.   Instead, he put his lips together and said "mo"!!!!  That is better than any sign he could give me!   Bless his little heart!

Lastly, I wanted to share with you that I was able to visit with my family down in Chicago.  We flew down on Friday and came back on Monday.   It really did my heart, my spirit and attitude good to be with my family. 


Jeannine said...

I know that the boys are such a blessing to you. I have seen you grow in ways that only children can make us grow. But you and Dan are blessings to both your children. I do believe God hand picked you and Dan for his very special children Bei and Kai. I think the way you love them unconditionally is inspired. You are a delight to watch mother your children. Thank you for allow others to be apart of your parenting journey.
I love and admire you more then you know. Jeannine

Maddy & Zeke's Mom said...

Hang in there! God for sure has a plan and things will work out either way with the schools.

I chuckled a little at the 'mo'! because that's what Zeke says most of the time instead of 'no' - Matt then teases him & says 'who's Moe?' then he clearly says 'no!'

I didn't get to comment on your Being Bullied post- but that really made me laugh. You are a talented writer & should consider submitting some of your stories for free lance / short stories somewhere.

Take Care, Tanya