Scattered Pictures

Do you see the little fence made of toys that Kai built for himself?   He loves to play in this corner with the teddy bear behind him and then close himself in with the toys.   You can see his little buddy is in there with him.

 I really didn't know much about this Elf on the Shelf phenomenon, except I kept seeing people post comments on face book.     My sister Jeannine bought this for me for an early Christmas present!  So when I was explaining the story to Bei about how the Elf has magic powers and flys to the North Pole every night to report back to Santa, Bei's eyes just got bigger and bigger and he was busting at the seams with excitement!   I am so not a poker face and I cracked up laughing...his excitement was just so cute.   Dan pulled me aside later and jokingly said, "Gee's Liz, why don't you just tell him there is no Easter Bunny or Tooth Fairy while you are at it".    He still believes because he is so excited every morning to see where the Elf has landed. 

And let me tell you that little boy does believe the Elf is magic because he is fleecing me out of a lot of money every night.   Bei had $.30 cents in change and told me that he wanted to put it under his pillow to see what happened.   I couldn't disappoint the little guy so I changed the $.30 to $3.00 and it came with a note from the Elf saying how proud he was of Bei's behavior, etc, etc.   Well we are on night 4 of money under the pillow and the Elf is going to have to break the news to this little boy that he isn't going to be getting money every night for the rest of his life.   Tough job for Elf to do, hopefully he is gentle about it. 

Did I share with you that Bei wants to be a Scientist?   Yeah for Bei!   We have been spending alot of time "experimenting".    We have made homemade fingerpaint, that actually turned about beautiful, homemade clay and we made chocolate cookies without eggs, just to name a few things.   If you ever need a homemade weapon, make the cookies without eggs, they are as hard as rocks. 

Here is some of the homemade fingerpaints

Kai likes making clay too!  Maybe he is going to be a scientist too! 
P.S.  Tomorrow will be 7 straight days of Kai wearing his hearing aids from morning until bedtime...excuse me while I go knock on wood!  


Becky said...
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Becky said...

Thank God he is keeping those hearing aides in. Prayers and a determined mama help!!! I love that Bei is up on the counter top with the fingerpaints and that both of the boys are usually shirtless :) xo

Jeannine said...

I was going to comment on your shirtless and sometimes pantless children as did Becky. You are such a fun and funny mother. FYI - Bei is not going to be very amused when he is older and every young picture has him half dressed. Oh well...I know he is always hot!