Kai Kai Sweetie Pie Update!

 The best way for me to get Kai to wear his hearing aids is to turn on music.  He loves the Einstein Playdate (I don't even know what it is called and I am too lazy to go look right now) and Raffi the best. 

 A dance party usually breaks out once the music starts.

 Kai is down to one hearing aid because one of them is not working.   It has been a week since he has been without it but I hope it comes in tomorrow.

 The big news of the month is that effective November 20th...Kai has been seizure free for 6 months!!!   The longest he has ever gone without a seizure!   It would be a blessing for him if he grows out of having seizures.   By the way, Kai's latest dance move is dropping to his head in the tumble stance. 

Bei loved doing the tumble dance move too.  

I was hoping to have an update on Kai's schooling.  I have heard "unofficially" that the public Deaf and Hard of Hearing School is willing to take him.   Previously,  they denied him because of his physical needs and they said they wouldn't be able to provide him the Physical and Occupational Therapy that he needs.   (I am not even asking the public school to provide him with those services since I take him to private therapy.)   According to my source they said they would find services for him and bring them in house for Kai.  Well I won't turn down any service for him.  Anyway, this is a totally different tune then what I heard before at the first meeting.   One of the members on Kai' child intervention team went and advocated for him.   She has an "in" with that school and she has a soft place for Kai.   I am so lucky to have her on my team and advocating for Kai.   Now the sticking point is getting my school district to agree.  As much as I don't want to be away from Kai, I know that he needs more services than I can provide.   We are however starting to use sign language.   Kai not only "signs" up, but he will say "uh, uh".   I feel like he is really starting to make some huge strides in his development.   I realize the kids look a little ragtag in the pictures above but I wanted to share their joyful happy spirits.    I am so lucky that I have two very naturally happy kids!!


Beth said...

Yeah!!! You go Kai!!!

Herding Grasshoppers said...

They don't look ragtag... they look joyful :D

nina said...

Timothy loves and I mean loves classical music! The way I know was I have a swan lake CD and it is his favorite. You might try classical and see how Kai likes it!

nina said...

PS: They are boys and they look so happy! I am glad you are letting them be kids!