Christmas 2011

 The kids had fun decorating cookies at Aunt Julie's house on Christmas Eve.

Uh oh...what does my handsome little boy have in his hand???   It looks like one of Auntie Julie's beautiful glass ornaments!   Julie are you down an ornament???? 

 Bei would love to have older siblings...he just loves the attention that he gets from his cousins.  Elly and Bei had fun racing down the staircase together.

Let me tell you...it is embarrassing when both your father and mother in law can work circles around you.   I have never met two people who work harder than Bob and Rudene.  Dan came by his strong work ethic honestly.  Hopefully, he can instill that type of work ethic in our kids.  

 Here is the Engineer and the Scientist together.  Since Bei wants to be a Scientist Grandma and Grandpa bought him a bunch of science project kits and a microscope.   Bei was proudly listing all the planets to me today;  Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune, Mars, Michigan... 

Here are my two little Scientist in the morning working on a cooking project.  Bei is really making our pancakes for breakfast. 

I couldn't leave out my favorite little Nemesis, Elvis.   His most recent terrorizing of me is puking in my van and chewing all the DVD wires so that the kids can't watch movies in the car any longer and eating about 20 ornaments off of the tree before I realized what was going on.  I hope at least he got a little bit of a zap when he chewed through them.   Don't worry, I love the little guy but he drives me a little crazy at times.     

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