Please Pray

Can I ask you all to please pray that Kai will start wearing his hearing aids?   Every day that goes by that he doesn't wear his hearing aids just puts him futher and further behind.    Did you know that you have a hearing age?   I did not know that but you do.   Kai's will always be delayed at least 2.5 years and probably 3 years if we don't get him wearing them.   A statistic that was recently thrown at me is if your child wears his hearing aids only 4 hours each day, it will take 6 years to give him as much listening experience as a normally hearing child accumulates in one year.   And silly me, I was so excited that Kai wore his hearing aids today for 45 minutes.   He has a long way to go, but at least the 45 minutes was a start.  

Anyway, please pray that he gets well (he is sick again) and that he will keep the hearing aids in all day, so that he can really start on a course of learning a verbal language.   We really really need prayers!!!! 

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