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I wanted to share with you some of the idea's and things I have learned from reading other peoples blogs.  

These are canvas prints of photographs that I had taken.   The company can be found at this link http://www.easycanvasprints.com/pictures-on-canvas/    This is so easy to do; you decide on the size of your canvas, upload your picture, pick out the type of frame you want and then you order it.   The quality is really nice and they come with a hanger already attached.  I received these within a week.   Bonus!  I also received 17 gift cards for $10 each when I received the pictures.  They expire on December 31, 2011 and I would love to give you one if you are going to order.   If you want a gift card for $10.00 send me your email at Danlizk@comcast.net  or leave a comment and I will mail the card out to you.   It will be a first come first serve.  

For Kai's pictures you'll notice that I picked a black "frame" which are the top, bottom and sides of the pictures.   For Bei's I had the picture continuously wrap around.   I personally like the black frame better than the wrap around.  We are still trying to figure out where we are going to hang the pictures.  

I learned of this Easy Canvas Prints from a blogger named Lisa.   She is an adoptive mom and a photographer.   The pictures that she took while in China really caught the essence of China.   Her blog is www.thelongroadtochina.com 

The boys and I get up 2 hours before school and ironically we were still getting to school late several times a week.   Ugh!  I am to blame for part of the issue because I am a breakfast Nazi about the kids having a cooked meal before school.    I am a person who is hungry every 2 hours, and if I don't eat...forget it!  I am cranky, lose interest in what I am doing and pretty much shut down.   So I guess I assume other people are like that, so I shovel food into the kids every 2 hours starting with a nice warm breakfast.   It is usually consists of 2 eggs on Hashbrowns.   The second part of why I was struggling to get us to school on time is that I was getting 3 people fed, dressed and out the door.   Bei and I are quite the pair...he loves to be dependent on me and I am a huge enabler!!!   Let's hope that this doesn't translate into a 35 year old Bei still living in my home!!!  He already tells me that he doesn't ever want to go to College because he doesn't want to live away from me.    Anyway, I implemented a reward system for Bei where he would get a sticker if he fed himself, dressed himself, brush teeth and comb his hair, said his prayers.   He gets a bonus sticker if he was a good listener.  Once he receives 30 stickers he can purchase an inexpensive item.   His first purchase was an IPad App.   He is now working towards marbles.   This has been a life changing reward system for the both of us, but mostly Bei.  We are getting to school on time, mornings are fun and easy the way that they should be.  The second picture listed above is of an art project the boys did BEFORE school, because we have alot of time now!  

Once Bei started Kindergarten I realized immediately that I was going to have to get organized.   He has homework that is due.  There are library books to keep track of and return, not to mention all of Kai's therapy's and doctor appointments.    I have my normal date book that I keep track in but then on Sunday evenings I then outline the week which is the picture above.  Included are the words and letter that Bei is working on for that week.  I learned this over at www.memoriesoncloverlane.com     Sarah who writes this blog is  super organized,  can multi-tasked like nobodys business and is wonderfully creative.   

Lastly, I learned about this program called Reading Eggs www.readingeggs.com  It is a great program for pre-schoolers and Elementary Kids that are learning to read.   It costs around $70 for 12 months and they offer a free trial.    We did the free trial and Bei enjoyed it for the most part.  The benefit of this program is that it is a rewards program.  Once you complete a lesson then you receive Eggs that can be traded in to play a fun on-line game.    I learned about this from a mom named  Stefanie who has a boat load of kids.   Her blog is  www.nihaoyall.com

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