The Weekend

Well guess who is sick now?   Yep, it is Bei's turn.   He has a terrible cough and chest cold and just threw up about an hour ago.  Oh joy!  And I can tell that Kai now has Bei's cold.

It was so timely that my mom flew up from Chicago this weekend and I was able to spend some time nursing Bei back to health.  (Obviously I wasn't that great of a nurse since the kid just threw up).    As some of you know my mom is a laugher, she likes to see the funny in things and she pretty much didn't stop laughing all day Friday.   I think she was amazed at what a rascal Kai is and how quickly he goes from making one mess to another.     

 I decided to get rid of Kai's high chair, when he decided he no longer would sit in it...so I guess that means he decided it was time to go.   Anyway, this is the little table that the kids now sit in and it is working out great for the both of them.   Bei does his Kindergarten homework at this desk every week now too.   Yes!  Kindergartener's have homework.  

This is Bei's astronaut's suit that he will be wearing tomorrow for Halloween if he feels better.   His Aunt Julie bought this for him and he loves to wear it!

I like it with the Sponge Bob crown instead!

Here is a picture of my little rascal being upset because his mean mom wouldn't let him open and close the freezer door 5 million times.   

There are about 4 different faces that he makes from that first one to get to this one but I showed you how he starts and where he ends, lip out and chin up.   I usually can't stop from scooping him up and kissing his little face when he is sad.  He is so darn cute!

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Jeannine said...

Very clever of you to have Kai sit at a table that camouflages his food. Sorry to hear that Bei is not feeling well, he looks adorable in his astronaut costume. Mom said she had a lot of fun with you and your family. Prayers of healing being said for the Krueger household. Love you, Jeannine