I love this picture of Kai Kai Sweetie Pie because this is what he looks like when he is making the mmmmmm sound for more.    Mmmm is the only consonant that Kai is using currently.
Cute picture of Cousin Katherine too!

I feel like Alice in Wonderland since Kai was diagnosed this summer with severe hearing loss.   I am navigating a world that I hardly knew anything of, the Hard of Hearing (HOH)/Deaf world.  Unfortunately, nobody holds your hand and tells you what the choices are and what the best decisions are for your child.   I lay in bed many nights and question my decisions, worry about what I don't know about the HOH world and wonder how my decisions are going to affect the future for Kai Kai Sweetie Pie.  Right now my focus is getting Kai a language and we have decided to enroll Kai into the N@rthern Voices program in January.  It is the auditory/oral program that doesn't use sign language in it's curriculum.   This is one decision that won't keep me up at night because we are really excited for him and feel that he is ready to make that next step forward.   We would be grateful for any and all prayers lifting Kai up to be blessed with the gift of language.  

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