There has been an Elvis Sighting!

 After spending last week with me, Dan must of thought that I was sitting around and eating too many Bon Bon's because on Saturday he went out and bought a dog, which we named Elvis.  (We actually discussed it and my only requirement was a dog that didn't shed.)

 Bei is ecstatic about his new dog!  He tells me 20 times a day how much he loves his dog. Kai didn't feel well all weekend and now that he is feeling better he has taken a more active interest in the dog.

Elvis is a Shitzu Bichon Cross.   He is the sweetest little guy.

He does have rebellious side and has taken up smoking when he thinks we are not looking. 

We were struggling what to name him, and our friend Big Kyle suggested Elvis and it stuck.  Big K is one of Bei's favorite people.  He is so awesome with both of the boys! 

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Beth said...

Could Elvis be any cuter? We have a Bichon. Hope Elvis has more success being "potty trained" than Sophie! After we got her we found out Bichons are hard to house break.....great....