Kai's Hearing Aids Update

Bei hasn't been feeling well this past week and fell asleep on his cousin Ellie's lap.   Ellie said her only regret in not going to the University of MN (she goes out of state) is that she misses the boys while she is away.  We are so lucky to have such wonderful family and friends that love our boys and truly care about them. 
Katherine has been able to spend some time with the boys this summer!   We all adore her because she is light hearted and always has a smile on her face.  She is incredibly kind to both boys.  Next summer she will be driving!  Yeah!  Hopefully we will see her even more often then!

Kai has had his hearing aids for 8 days.   I realize in these pictures he doesn't have them in.   Anyway, he wears them about 1.5 to 2 hours in the morning and then for about 2 hours after his nap.  For the most part he hasn't minded them in.   When I tell him that I am going to put them in he claps his hands.   He didn't fuss about them for the first week, but now he is pulling them out more often.   Several times he has come up to me, pulled my hand and slapped the hearing aids in them.   Like here! I am done with these! I appreciate that he doesn't just take them out and leave them.    Unfortunately from day one there has been alot of feedback or buzzing from the hearing aids.   It is indicative that the ear molds aren't fitting properly or there is a loose tube.  I drove back to Minneapolis on the second day for the audiologist to fix them, but they still have terrible feedback.   Next week I have an appointment with a different audiologist and hopefully she can help with the feedback noise.  

This is one of the flower gardens I actually like because it is small, close to the house and easy to take care of. 

When we purchased our home back in January of this year somebody mentioned something about the beautiful gardens.  My first thought was how big of a garden can it be.  Instead I should have asked HOW many gardens are there?   Off the top of my head I can count 7 flower gardens!  Who knew?  It was winter time.   Let me just say, I HATE gardening!  Or rather I should say I have never gardened and besides the fact that I have no time to garden, I have no desire to learn how to garden.   I enjoy looking at the beautiful flowers as much as the next person, but I really don't want to put any work into them.  Every time I get near the gardens to do what gardeners do (which I have no idea what that is) all I see are bee's and waspy looking things that are just waiting to sting me.  Okay, I admit I am a wimp!  I grew up on a farm but I'm still a wimp! I know I am suppose to be doing maintenance on them.  Praise the Heavens that it has been a rainy summer.  I am afraid to even think about how I am going to keep all these plants alive during a dry summer.   Sadly, my secret dream is that a huge tornado will come through and rip the soil up from one end of the gardens to the next.   Like an uprooted tree!  I will stand around looking at the destroyed gardens with my neighbors shaking my head along with them saying "what a shame and I was so looking forward to getting in to those gardens."   It is a pipe dream so instead my goal this year is to learn about Preen and Round Up.  What do they do?  How do they work?  When do I apply them, etc.  Who knows maybe in 5 years I will be considered a master garderner.    For now I am just a schmuck with two brown thumbs and 7 flower gardens. 

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