Is Dan Having a Baby?

My handsome husband Dan is really an amazing person!   You don't need to spend much time with him to realize that he is a happy, outgoing, all around nice guy.   I don't highlight him enough in my blog, but he is a great father and great husband.   Dan works long hours every day and then comes home and spends lots of time with the boys.   He is as crazy about the boys as I am.  

Unfortunately, for the past 3 weeks he has been in quite a deal of back pain.  He was trying to work through it by going to the Chiropractor once or twice a week, however it all came crashing down on Wednesday night.   He was assemblying a dresser Wednesday night when he came staggering out of the bedroom in excrutiating pain and barely made it to the kitchen table.   He was perspiring and turning gray and I could tell he was about ready to pass out.   I immediately called our doctors office and because it was after hours there was a phone service company that takes the call and then calls the on-call doctor.   I frantically explained Dan's conditions to her by saying "My husband is having excrutiating back pain, he is clammy and is about ready to lose consciousness"   Her response to me is "Is your call in reference to any OB/GYN issue?"   SERIOUSLY LADY!   I responded "I don't think my husband is going to give birth any time soon!"   She started laughing and said that it was in the script that she had to ask every patient that same question.  Good Lord, whoever developed the script for our medical facility should be fired.   Anyway, the bottom line is that Dan has a herniated disc with fragmentation.   He will be seeing an orthopedic surgeon on Wednesday of this week.   Thanks to good drugs and steroids he is able to remain relatively comfortable until we see the surgeon on Wednesday.   Please lift Dan up in prayer that his back is healed and that he can follow the most conservative treatment possible.

A special shout out to Kinnery, a Physical Therapist at the PT office in the Chicago area where my mom works.   She was kind enough to review Dan's MRI and explain in detail to the both of us what he has and possible treatment plans that the doctor may recommend.   Without her expertise we would have been left in the dark since our primary care doctor's performance has been less than stellar.  Since being immersed into the medical establishment with all of Kai's special needs I could easily write a blog on The Good, The Bad and The Ugly performance that I have experienced from the medical profession.  There are a few gems out there like Kinnery who goes above and beyond expectations.  Professionals like her are priceless when it comes to health concerns.   So thank you Kinnery!  Your time and effort is so appreciated by both Dan and I!


nina said...

Glad to hear he isn't about to give birth!! We are praying for Dan and please tell him we hope all goes well with the surgery. You are so right about knowing shortly after you meet him he is such a nice guy!! Two thumbs up for being a great father and husband Dan!!!

Kjbikakis said...

My what a script, you think if u were talking about a male they could script part about the obgyn! LOL
Dan has the same thing my mom had, but she did that to her back by sneezing haha, she healed nicely, she did have a little sleeping, and a lot of the pain meds didn't really help her, but i think its because she was immune to them. I hope Dans' surgery goes well! Lots of prayers for him!!