Happy Dan and his sister Julie!

The first few days following Dan's back surgery I wanted to stand at the nearest intersection with a sign that read HUSBAND FOR SALE!   My normally affable husband turned into a pitbull and anybody in his crosshair was raw meat.   Dan's back surgery was outpatient surgery, which I think is the stupidest idea in the world.   What happened to the good old days where everything was a 5 day stay at the hospital?  You are having a baby - 5 days at the hospital, you are getting your tonsils taken out - 5 day stay, you are having back surgery - 5 days stay at the hospital.  The good news is that it only took Dan 4 days to come around to his congenial self.    It is so nice to have Dan back to his happy self again.   I realized it was a testimony to what a happy home we normally live in because I really didn't know how to handle his ornery personality.   I could not be married to an unhappy grouch.   In summary Dan is on the road to recovery!  Thank you to all the well wishes that we received along with phone calls.   And special thanks to Cliff, Laura, Brian and Kyle who let me and the kids escape...oops, I mean visit with them, so Dan could get some rest. 

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