Back Surgery or Bikini Wax?

 Bei collected 9 buckets of rain water the other night with his dad

 Bei was racing the rivers of water that he scooped out.  He is coming back for another try.

 Kai joined in the fun too!

 I just imagine Kai yelling "Got it!"
 I loved the fact that I caught the cup mid air after he threw it

 Bei is really a fun kid to play with.  He is joyful and enthusiastic about most things that we do.

Kai has such a handsome little face.

Dan is having back surgery tomorrow and I am a little worried.  Here is a short conversation Dan and I had tonight about his surgery tomorrow.   I said to Dan   "Let's plan on staying ahead of the pain tomorrow.  If you are sleeping but your medicine calls for every four hours.  I will wake you up and give you your medicine."   Then  Dan said "I don't think there is going to be any pain.  The doctor didn't mention any thing about pain"    I calmly said  "They are putting a knife in your back and twisting it all about.    I think you are going to experience pain."   Dan looked at me and said "why do you have to talk like that?"   WHAT?  You mean realistically???   Uh oh...we might be in for a longer road here than I bargained for because I think Dan thinks he is going in for a bikini wax or something easy like that.  Prayers!  LOTS OF THEM!

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