Hearing Aids Day!

Bei and Chloe were best of buds all weekend!   She is one of the Suzhou Sweeties that was adopted with Bei.

 Can't wait to find out what this little guy has to say about life!  He is a very sweet little boy.

Cabin fun!

Our friends Matt and Beth who adopted Chloe from the same orphanage as Bei came for a visit at the cabin with 4 of their 5 kids.   We all had so much fun.   It was very special for us to watch the connection and friendship develop between Bei and Chloe.   Saturday Bei and Chloe were drawing pictures together, reading, dancing, holding hands and really seemed to form a close  friendship.   But kids are funny, Saturday night when I was tucking Bei into bed I said "Wow, you and Chloe are really good friends and really seem to have bonded."   He looked at me and said "Which one is Chloe?'   Only the one that you were practically making out with!   Just kidding, but you get my drift.

On a more serious note, I wanted to ask if you all will lift both Kai and myself up in prayer not only for tomorrow but for the next few weeks to months.   Tomorrow he gets his hearing aids.   I've talked with a couple of moms that have dealt with trying to keep hearing aids in a young child and to put it simply, it is challenging.    Kai wants to talk so bad.  He made the mmmmmm sound for the two hour ride back from the cabin.  I want him to have a language, a way to communicate other than gesturing and me guessing.   Life is going to get alot more frustrating for him if he doesn't gain a language soon.   Anyway, tomorrow is a beginning for him and hopefully it will go smoothly along with his transition into the hearing world with his aids.   God Bless that little boy and all that he has brought into our world.   I just love him with all my heart!

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