We are Home!

Well we need to thank every one who supported us with prayer for the safe and easy flight home. The flights could not have gone better and the kids basically slept the entire way home. It helped that we left Guangzhou at 9:00 p.m.
Dan and I are both the youngest children in a family of 4 children. Both of our oldest sisters have really spoiled us this time. While we were in China, my sister, Nanette came to my home and cleaned and arranged the boys room. She then went on to clean all of my closets and put some organization back into our household! What a gift to come home to a clean and organized home. Dan's sister Julie and her daughter Katherine picked us up at the airport and had a nice hot meal prepared for us. It was heavenly. Today she came back with a stack of beautiful new clothes, developmental toys for Kai, a walker, jump swing and mobile and some toys for Bei. Dan and I are both grateful for their kindness and realize how lucky we are to have such great siblings. It reaffirms our belief in creating a larger family so that the boys can share their lives with one another and they will be able to lean on each other in their time of need.
I wanted to share with you a funny excerpt of conversation that we had on the way to the Guangzhou airport. It is about 6:30 in the evening and Bei is very excited, watching the crazy traffic, he is trying to spot the next car crash and making ones up, even when they don't happen. He points out trains, train tracks, McDonald's, he is rev'd up and talking incessantly. He is a Krueger all the way! Anyway, out of the blue he said "let's adopt another baby, this is fun!" Okay...pan over to my and Dan's faces...we are both in catatonic states, we are emotionally and physically spent...our eyes are the size of saucers and we have bags under our eyes. Bei's statement is like saying to a woman that just gave birth, let's have another baby! Going to China for 14 days could be called our labor and delivery pains. Well, Dan pulls himself out of his stupor to engage Bei and asks what do you want to adopt next? Bei says a girl! A really nice girl! Dan asks him to think of a really nice girl that he would want his sister to be like...we both are thinking of our many nieces that love him up. Bei says "a really nice girl like Mama!" The kid knows how to wrap me around his finger! So I asked him, what his favorite part of the trip to China was and he said "the plane ride". Well, today is your lucky day kid because we are headed to the airport and we have a 17 hour flight ahead of us...and that is just air time, doesn't include layovers! But as I said both kids were super on the plane.
One of the things that I wondered was how Bei was going to deal with the "adoption factor" of getting Kai. Would he put the pieces of the puzzle together that he was with someone else prior to being with us? We got our answer the day that we went searching for a new lap ticket for Kai. We were in the taxi and Bei again said out of the blue, "were the people that had me really really nice?" I said "yes, they were really really nice" Then he asked, "did they hug a bug me?" And I said "all the time." He then reached over and gave me a hug and said "I was looking for a really nice mom, with big hair, and I found you". I never knew he liked big hair...he will love my 1980's hair for sure then! I will have to show him pictures.
Unfortunately, Bei got sick the night before we left and it continued to get worse. By the time we reached Minnesota he had a temperature of 104 degree's. This is a kid that has not even had a sniffle in 2 years time, he is my bubble boy. Anyway, he is hacking and coughing up a storm day and night, thus keeping the household up. I would say out of all of us, Kai is having the hardest time adjusting to the new time. We are trying to manage the jetlag better this time than last time, and we limit the number of hours he can sleep during the day. I'm really enjoying my time with him and we are bonding really well. He is a sweetheart!

Thanks again for all the support and prayers! Pictures will be added tomorrow!

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Maddys Mom said...

Welcome Home!! So glad you guys mad it back safely. Sounds like Bei needs a sister. : )

Hope your transition back goes well. What a blessing to have such great family to be there for you.