The Pooping Has Begun...

First of  all, I wanted to thank everyone who has supported us this past week with emails and phone calls regarding Kai's constipation issue's.   We really needed the advice of the veteran parents and so many of you stepped up with great suggestions.   We implemented many of those and tonight at 9:00 p.m. the little guy pooped on his own.   I think we are on our way with getting his digestive tract on track.   Our challenge with him is that he doesn't like fruits that are sweet or tart, he pretty much wants bland food.  
We decided to take both boys to Urgent Care last night because they both have had fevers, terrible coughs and then Kai had the constipation and the insomnia issues also.   We basically got a clean bill of health for the both of them and the Dr. said she couldn't prescribe anything but she knows in the old days her mom would have stuck some Brandy in the bottle, but that she couldn't recommend that...wink wink.   Don't worry we didn't do that, but it was tempting...   I committed to holding the baby all night if that is what it took to get him to sleep, and that is what I did.    I decided to sleep at the same time, so I sat on the couch and we slept together.   He would wake up every hour and I would rock him back to sleep, and then at 3:00 a.m. I put him on Bei's bed and he slept til 6:00 on his own.   I think I got him over the jet lag hump.   Dan and I were getting worried because Kai seemed to be deteriorating before our eyes due to the lack of sleep.   It broke my heart.  We received this beautiful happy boy and the past two days he never smiled, his eyes were so red and he was just unhappy.   I think he was wishing he was back on Wuyishan Mountain with two old people who mummified him with clothes, where he wasn't constipated and he got to sleep!   But he was with us two bozo's instead and we had messed up his diet and his sleep.   Around noon today, we seem to get our old Kai back, smiles and giggles and no red eyes.   He took a three hour nap this afternoon and went to bed at 10:00 tonight.  Let's hope that he sleeps through the night...he needs the rest.  
I'm including two pictures, one of Kai from when we were in China.  I haven't downloaded any pictures since we have been home.   And a picture of our friend Anita and her newly adopted daughter Elizabeth.  

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