Everything is going according to plan...NOT!

I spoke with both of my sisters this morning and they asked me how it was going.   And I told both of them that it couldn't be going better.   My mom called the same day around noon and asked me how it was going and I said "Well...let's see, the baby is constipated, won't take fluids, will only eat formula, won't let us put him down in his crib, doesn't sleep during the night but doesn't sleep during the day, oh and he holds his breath when he cries until he turns blue...oh..and he has a slight fever and a bad cough...other than that everything is going as planned... My mom and I laughed and I told her that I told Jeannine and Nanette that everything was going great, but I realized in the 4 hours since talking to them I just think it is going good because the baby doesn't cry much.  Only when we put him in his crib.    The good news is that my mom told me of a way to get the baby to drink fluid, (sugar water) and he has drank 2 bottles.  We thought of some other idea's for food for him too.  Dan also talked to his mom and she gave us some idea's too.   Well anyway, pray that his kid starts eating, pooping, drinking and most importantly sleeping!    Remember the blog about the test...am I failing yet?   I would like to get at least a C-....for the baby's sake. 
No pictures again...sorry...

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