Let the Pooping Begin...

We have really been struggling to get Kai to eat anything other than his formula, however, the other morning he ate a bowl of oatmeal.   And yesterday he ate some pumpkin squash baby food.   I am so worried that he is going to get constipated and will be screaming on the plane ride home.   When he has pooped they are totally rocks, large ones at that and hard!  So please pray that we get that kid to start eating some food that works with his digestive system.
We had two sleepless nights, until Dan figured out that we should give him medicine for his teething...genuis!  Last night he slept through the night, yeah!   
Yesterday, we spent a large portion of the day driving around Guangzhou trying to get Kai's lap ticket fixed.   The ticket has to match the passport exactly and unfortunately, they put his name incorrectly on the ticket.   Delta subcontracted our flight home out to China Southern, but their two systems don't talk to one another, so it was alot of going back and forth trying to figure out which airline can change the ticket.   We ended up just purchasing a new one to be safe.    Anyway, it was kind of fun to get a "city tour".   Bei thought it was really fun to ride in the different taxi's.  He has been so incredibly good!   He still doesn't want to go home to the "Maplewood House", as he calls it.    I guess he likes this hotel living.   Dan and I on the other hand are so ready to be home!   Poor Dan can't seem to get a good nights sleep because the beds are so hard.   I like them, you can actually feel the boards on the beds, and I told Dan to think of the boards as working his pressure points. 
Kai has made good strides in a weeks time.   When we first got him he pretty much could not do anything.   I would say his development was equivalent of a 4 month old at best.   If we had not adopted previously, I think I would have been very concerned about his delay, but, Lily and Timothy from our previous adoption group were very delayed and we have all seen how well she has done and Timothy is here right now getting his sibling.   Anita (Timothy's mom) said that Kai is much more advanced then Timothy was and now he is a running jumping happy little boy.   For those of you who know Anita and Scott, they adopted a 2 year old girl who has an eye issue, and she is a character!   She is going to give them a run for their money, but she is a happy little girl.  She is a daddy's girl because she was fostered by a single man.  She loves Scott!
Anyway, back to Kai and his development.   Here are a few things that he is doing in a weeks time that he couldn't do when we first got him.
1.   Sit up - I would get updates and they would tell me that he wasn't sitting up because he had too many clothes on and his activity was restricted.   Sure enough they would show pictures of him laying on the ground mummified in clothing. 
2.  Hold his bottle - He still isn't holding it by himself, but he is attempting to do it.
3.  Finger Grip - He would not grip our finger, now he is holding on tight.
4.  His neck muscles seem to be strengthening but they still have a long way to go.   A guy that we were talking to at Lucy's restaurant teased Dan that he saw him drinking beer, but was wondering why the baby seemed drunk.   His head is pretty wobbly. 
5.  He finally took a bath with Dan and Bei without screaming and crying!  He loved the bath!  We figure it must be a trust thing.
6.  He is almost rolling over.
7.  And he is babbling much more.
8.   Bei is engaging with Kai much more often and in a positive way.  I'm telling you, Bei has been a superstar this entire trip.   I am so proud of him!  Man, I love that kid so much! 
We have alot of work ahead with Kai, but I'm praying and hoping that with lots of love, attention and some therapy that he will thrive.  We all love him very much!
Tomorrow we leave Guangzhou!  Hurray!   We are so excited to be going home.   We are staying over in Los Angelos because we get in so late and have to go through customs.  
Please pray for a safe trip, everything to be on time, for all of our health...Bei has caught a cold and for an easy journey. 
Looking forward to you all meeting our happy baby, Kai...but please don't forget to give Bei alot of attention too!   We are so glad that we brought him with us for this journey.   He has been a trooper!
If I find the time, I will put pictures on the blog.

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Becky said...

Could Kai be any cuter? The photos are great and it's so exciting reading your posts! So happy to hear the trip is going well and Bei is being a super star. Kai is going to get so much love and one on one attention that any delays he has will soon be a memory. Wishing you safe travles home. Looking forward to meeting the newest member of your family!