Impromtu Birthday Bash!

Getting a birthday kiss...yes, he still says "Yucky!"

Bei acting shy during the Birthday song. Bei did really well blowing out the candles...he only has two girlfriends.

Bei and Max playing during the Birthday party. They made these lego towers and then would use them like swords until Max got hurt and I put an end to it...boys!

The kids enjoying the food.

The title of this blog "Impromptu Birthday Bash" is somewhat a misnomer. Number one, Bei's birthday isn't until February 3rd and number two, there was a birthday party planned for this weekend, but with different people than who actually came to it. My brother, Nick and his family were planning on driving up to celebrate Bei's birthday early, but unfortunately, Nick has a very bad sore throat. We all decided it was in everyone's best interest if we postponed our get together til everyone is healthy. So we will see Nick's family in mid-February instead.

However, food already had been prepared, cakes purchased, beer fridge stocked, so we just needed people to come, eat and drink. Oh...and sing happy birthday to the birthday boy. We made a few phone calls and luckily we had some takers!

A funny thing happened this week. As some of you are aware, I am a pretty "attentive" mother...some might even call it over-protective. Bei is seldom out of my sight, but this week I was preparing dinner and I knew Bei had gotten a band-aid out of the cabinet. He plays with them like they are stickers, so I usually hide them from him. But I had recently gone to the store and threw them in the cabinet and he found them. He had been in the living room and when he walked into the kitchen he said "mom look, 3 band-aids". I looked down at him, expecting them to be on his stomache where he usually positions them and uh oh...they were lower, and yes, they were attached to his "manhood"...AND there wasn't 3 of them, but 4! OUCH! Into the bathtub he went until they came off on there own.

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Beth said...

Too Funny about the band aids! That is halarious. I've got a funny Ryan story to tell you. Just picture 15 people in a small hotel room in Hawaii viewing our wedding photos. Ryan was 5 and had one of those little rubbery toys that you slip your finger through the top. When you bounce it-the bottom part lights up. Only problem, it wasn't his finger. Little embarassing to have happen in front of my new in-laws and family. :) Boys-they do the darndest things!