I never thought we would be one of "those" people...

Bei and Dad whoa whoa whoaing together!

Our lives have changed so much since Bei's arrival. However, there is one change that really stands out for both Dan and I and that is our meal prayer. When we first got home from China, I purchased a white board and one of the things that I wrote on it was, "Remember Prayers". Well as you all know Bei took the prayer thing and has run with it. I think the hook for him are the hand gestures, thank goodness we are Catholic! He probably thinks it is a game like the Hokey Pokey...put your right foot in, put your right foot out... At Church Bei loves all the kneeling, sitting, stand up, shake your neighbor hands, now walk to the front, go back to your seat, kneel again. Anyway, here is the corker for Dan and I, he insists that we pray in public too. We will be out at a fast food joint and Dan will grab a fry and Bei will say "uh oh", put his hand to his forehead and smile the sweetest little smile. How can you say no to that? So we are now proud to say we are one of "those" people who pray publically. Thanks Bei...You are making better people of us every day!


kate said...
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kate said...

That's why I always go by the rule 'Never Say Never'....Parents will do the most uncharacteristic things for their children...Although, I would draw the line at donning a Bunny Suit! :)

Dan, ya look great on the sled!