Happy New Year!

Once again the picture above has nothing to do with how we spent our New Year, but I wanted to put something there. After we arrived at our cabin on Wednesday, I went to take a picture to find out that I forgot to put the battery in the camera. I need to get myself better organized, so my motto for 2009 is "Everything has it's place". That way, I'll know where the camera is and the charger because they will be in "their place". We'll see how it works!
As I mentioned above, we went to the cabin on Wednesday and invited Dan's brother Mark and family and some Cabin friends over for cocktails and happy hour. It was alot of fun! Mark's kids Morgan and Blake played with Bei for hours! He was in heaven. I think I saw some leadership characteristics coming out in Bei with the kids, others might call it bossy, but I saw a take charge leader! Morgan and Blake are 6 and 8, so they are pretty accomodating to the Little Emperor!
Thursday, Dan went snowmobiling with some friends, so I headed over to Mark's house to visit Morgan and Blake again, since Bei enjoyed playing with them so much. Friday, Dan let me go snowmobiling and be an adult for a day! It was really fun, the weather was beautiful, the trails were perfect, but the best part was that Dan and Bei met us at every stop. We decided our first run would be to Spider Lake for lunch, and who walked in the door but Dan and Bei! Yeah! Then off to the Wagon Wheel next and our buddies showed up again. Dan was great because where the trails met the road, Dan would wait for us and Bei could see mom on the "beal". We stopped at a few more joints and had a really nice day. When Bei initially saw the snowmobiles from the cabin, crossing the lake, he would point and say "boat". Makes sense, that is where boats are suppose to be! Saturday we headed home to beat the bad weather that was on the way. Today, we headed up to Dan's sister's house for a short visit. Bei is very tired to say the least and is sleeping soundly. 2008 has been a great year for us! With the exception of my mom getting sick, it has been one of the best.

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tish said...

oh, Bei looks like such a little peanut! I dress my guy in argyle vests, too..so stylin' on a toddler boy!