Huckleberry and Company

Bei having sheer fun with his friends!

Note Bei's right foot has a sock on it and the left has none. He actually has the two socks on the one foot, which he insists on doing all the time. Do I have a rebel in the making?

Bei invited his friends, Huckleberry, Max and Curly Locks to come over and play. They had not seen each other for about a month. The kids came in and wanted to hug Bei right away. On the way out, Curly Locks came over to me and said "I think Bei's cute". Believe me, he is going to think you are pretty cute too...just give him a few years.

I want to share a humorous story with you about Huckleberry. Right before Christmas we decided to meet with the neighbor kids to do a very quick Christmas present exchange. I knocked on their door and Huckleberry and Max threw open the door and shouted "We bought Bei blocks! We bought Bei blocks for Christmas! Let's open our gift? Can we open our gift, Let's open our gift, Can we? Can we? Can we?" Sure! Believe me at this time, I am all excited now the kids have gotten my adrenaline pumping and I can't wait for them to open it. The boys ripped into the large group gift that I had gotten them. The atmosphere went from sheer excitement to..."oh...that is not what I thought it was". Huck what did you think it was? "I don't know, but not that". Huck this is fun! You'll love it! "It is a baby toy". Max looked at it and went to play with his truck. What was the gift you ask? An easel, with paper on one side and a chalk board on another. I don't know if I captured the humor of the story but I thought it was very funny. Perhaps I think it is funny because I am a known notorious bad gift giver and a 5 year old can even call me out on it. Here comes Mrs. Killjoy again bearing gifts that can suck the life right out of any fun festivity.

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