Whoa! Whoa! Whoa!

Mr. Giggle Box

For the past two evenings Bei and I have gone Whoa, Whoa Whoaing, otherwise known as sledding to other people. The first evening we went out, I took him on the sled and was racing around the yard and the sled took off on me and Bei ended up doing a face plant. I ran over to him, pulled his face out of the snow and he was giggling. He told me "I laugh" and then said "more". I cooled it after that and we spent the next hour going down a slope in the back of our yard. Everything made him laugh, going down the hill, walking back up and falling, watching mom trying to get the sled situated to have the sled go down without anybody in it. He just has such a happy disposition and loves to see the fun in everything. He is such a great kid! I wish I could have captured it on tape, but I have my hands full pulling the sled and Mr. Giggle Box up the hill.

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kate said...

OH MY GOSH! That brought back so many memories! I think a child's laugh is the most heartwarming sound, that just immediately makes you smile yourself. Thanks for sharing!