Best Christmas Ever Cont'd

Christmas morning Bei playing with his Shake and Crash cars

Bei with Grandpa Builder Bob and Grandma Dene

Initially Bei grabbed a fistful of my hair to pull me out of the tunnel. Thanks buddy, but I'll handle it from here...just go dial 911, when mom gets stuck.

Bei opening presents from Cliff, Laura, Brian and Kyle

Bei and Aunt Julie doing dishes together

Bei and Katherine groovin to Veggie Tales

Kids playing downstairs
(Katherine, Ellie, Bei and Kyle)

The next GQ model

Bei helping mom cook Christmas Eve dinner. He ate most of the coleslaw dressing as we were making it. So the slaw might have been a little dry.

The Christmas merriment continued back in the Twin Cities. Dan's parents, sister, Julie and her kids, and some family friends, Cliff and Laura came over Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we went to Dan's sisters house for dinner. Then today we toured a historic building in St. Paul, with Dan's family. It has been a wonderful Christmas!
Bei's reaction on Christmas was pretty low key. His cousin Emma had told him on Christmas Eve to run out to the tree when he woke up because there would be lots of presents under it for him. I had done no prepping for him, and never mentioned Christmas morning to him and I still haven't even mentioned Santa to him yet. It was interesting on Christmas morning, he woke up and he kept looking out of the bedroom door and trying to see if there was anything there. He definitely remembered what Emma had told him the previous night. We went out to the tree and he was much more interested in the present that Emma had given him the night before, which is a 12 foot tunnel with added tents to it. It super long!!! We had to coax him into unwrapping his presents. One of the things that I got him was a toy that he loves to play at Huckleberry's house. It is a shake and crash race car set. That was pretty much the only thing that he was interested in and the tunnel. Two of the other toys are still in there boxes, one of them is another race set crash thing and I think I will take it up to the cabin. The other thing is a pirate ship with little characters. Hopefully on a snowy day when he is bored, I can pull it out and it will be interesting to him. I bought him some little people pull along luggage and I plan on taking that back, he didn't seem interested in it at the least.
Christmas morning felt very emotional for me. I just felt so incredibly grateful to have Bei in my life. I'm still in awe when I think about how we came together. I feel like I was "chosen" to take care of this very special and precious child. I realize what a priviledge and an honor it is to have him in my life. During the Christmas season I think of it from a higher perspective and wonder how and why God chose us? But it all seems so right, he was meant to be our child in every single way. I don't think I could love a child more than I love him. He is the most perfect kid for us. We feel very blessed and are very thankful to God!

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Pamela and John Block said...

Merry Christmas. Bei is looking so handsome! We just loved looking at all your Christmas pictures. I hope you continue to hava a wonderful holiday season. With love, Pamela, John & Lily