Visit from the cousins

Bei snuggling up to Aunt Julie after his time in the hot tub.
After dinner, the girls, Bei and I went into the hot tub. Bei loves going under the water! He closes his eyes and mouth and plugs his nose and then I dunk him!

On Saturday, Dan's sister Julie came to visit with her daughters. Bei would walk around and point to any one of the girls and say "lap" and then proceed to snuggle in to their lap. He is a charmer.

Last week we painted Christmas masks with the Huckleberry Clan.

Look who has footie pajama's? Yeah! There is hope, yet tonight Bei is sleeping in his motorcycle pants...I would like to have a burning party for those. Every day we go through the same scenario. I'm getting him ready for the day, putting on his clothes and he says "motorcycles". I say "no", and he says "motorcycles are for nigh nigh". Yep! so why are we going through this every day??? Two year olds!!!

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