The Best Christmas Ever!!

He also loves his Thomas the Choo Choo train set also from Grandma Sandy.

A wide awake Bei is playing with his Elefun toy. He was quite the experimenting Scientist. He loved to put different things in the elephants blower, gum wrappers, paper clips, anything he could find to see what would blow out. He really loves this toy from Grandma Sandy!

Helloooo...Dan...we are opening presents...hide and seek is over...

Aunt Nanette knew gum would be a hit with Bei...not so much with his mom...thanks Nanette!

Sleepy Bei sitting on Kell Belle's lap getting ready to open presents!

Grandma Sandy with 8 of her 9 Grandchildren
(Bei, Grandma Sandy, Kelly, Ben, Gina, Elizabeth, Taylor, Regan and Katie)
(Luke couldn't make it)

Our first Christmas together started on Thursday, December 18th when we headed down to the Chicago area to spend it with my side of the family. We stayed with my brother Nick's family and Bei LOVED the girls! Thursday night, Chicago was hit with 12 inches of snow and we tried to take Bei sliding but the snow was too deep. However, the girls would bury themselves in the snow and then jump out at Bei once he called their name. They were troopers, I definitely didn't want to do it! Toooooo Cold!
Saturday my mom took us all out to a restaurant for lunch and then we went to her house to open presents and have a late dinner. Bei fell asleep in the car on the way over and was still pretty sleepy during the present opening. The kids were great about letting Bei open their presents too. It was a great beginning of the Christmas holiday season and we loved being with everybody. We are also excited to find out that there will be another addition to our side of the family because Nick's wife, Kathy is pregnant! So Bei is going to have a little cousin closer in age! Yeah Nick and Kathy!!! We are keeping them in our prayers!

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