Nutcracker Weekend

Elizabeth and Bei were in bed at the hotel eating Funyon's. Bei thought it would be fun to throw them over Elizabeth and into the garbage can. (Thanksgiving Weekend)
The next Green Bay Packer! (Thanksgiving Weekend)

Mama's Boy
(December - Home)

This weekend Bei and I headed over to my sister, Nanette's house to watch my niece, Regan, in the Nutcracker. Not to brag...BUT my niece was absolutely stunning in the performance.
As you can see from the pictures above, they have nothing to do with this weekend. I forgot my camera at home!!! UGH! Bei sat through the entire performance and only had two shout outs. One for Clara, who lays in a bed during the first act. Bei shouted "Nigh, Night time". Then another time when Regan was on stage, he yelled "Yellow", there was a yellow costume. Right now he loves the colors, yellow and mornge, otherwise known as orange.
We went sledding for the first time. Bei absolutely loved it. At first, someone would always go with him on the sled. After a while we let him go down the hill by himself, and he would get into fits of giggles on the way down, then once he was at the bottom and he would say "I laugh", "I laugh". Believe me ,we noticed your belly laughing! He was so darn adorable, I wish I would have had it on tape.
He also was in his first snowball fight, which he thoroughly dominated his two 16 year old cousins, Ben and Luke and his 14 year old niece Elizabeth. They were such champs with him, but there were a few times, I think they were using him as a shield from each other.
And then of course, we had to teach him how to do snow angels. He loved spending time outdoors.
This was a fun weekend and one that Bei had been looking forward to for over two weeks. We had gone to Aunt Nanette's for Thanksgiving and he would say in the car "Aunt Nanette's home", yes he can say "Nanette" really well. So I finally told him "We will go to Aunt Nanette's house in two weeks". Well that was all I heard for the past two weeks. As it drew near we tried to tell him one week, but he would yell back "two weeks". Okay, chief, it is two weeks!

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