Christmas Cookies

Bei and Kathy making lunch together
Decorating cookies takes intense concentration!

On Tuesday, Bei and I went over to Dan's cousins, (who is also a very close friend of ours) house to make Christmas cookies with Kathy. He loved it! He was asleep by the time, we hit I94, making Christmas cookies is exhausting to a little man.
I want to mention that I know that Bei will never be home schooled by me. I think I'm holding the kid back. Remember how I said that he can count to 5? The other day Dan was working on a built in book case and Bei grabbed his tool box that had red electrical caps in it. He took them out and I lined them up and Bei started to count them individually. Well, he got to 5, and I expected he would stop, but then he kept going to 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10! I went to Toddler Time last thursday and came across two, two year olds that were saying all of their ABC's. Bei recognizes some letters, but is not even close to saying his ABC's. Since he has only heard English for 7 months, I figure he is still learning the language. I can tell he really wants to start talking in full sentences. On Sunday night he bumped his head and got a big goose egg. On Monday afternoon, we were in the car and he wanted to tell me the story about how it happened; "I run" "Diaper" "Kitchen" "Owie" "Ice" "I cry" "Kiss". In between these words he would "uhhh", "errr", "aggg". He knows that there is more to the sentence but doesn't know what those words are. He must have told me this story five times while we were driving. He is growing in every facet of his life, physically, mentally, emotionally and even spirtually. He can now do the sign of the cross and he definitely leads us in prayers. Even snack time is prayer worthy in Bei's book. He is such a little cutie, I just love him so much.

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