Bei gets up in the morning and looks over to where Dan had been sleeping and he always says "Daddy Work". He understands Dan well! Bei loves his daddy time at night!

Every night when I get Bei ready for bed I think to myself, if this kid ever realizes what we put on him for sleeping, he is going to be in need of some good therapy in the future. Bei is obsessed with these motorcycle pants that are faded and too short already. Anybody who has had the pleasure of talking to him on the phone knows how much he loves his motorcycles pants, because it usually, is the second thing he shouts into the phone "mototycles", right after he shouts "I Bei". But then we put him in this oversized striped shirt and snap it around his pants. I must add here that neither Dan nor I are sadist, we love this little guy, but we have a kid on our hands that refuses to have any blankets on him. None! Unfortunately, Bei was adopted by two people who like to live like Eskimo's. I LOVE my house cold in both the winter and summer. Just ask my nieces who when they come to visit walk in the door and say "Aunt Liz, where are the blankets?" Rest-assured we have adjusted our thermostat to be more comfortable for Bei. And we have created this little get-up to keep him warm at night. It is long sleeved and we have a t-shirt under the beautiful red shirt. Now, most people would say why don't you just put him in one of those one-piece pajama's with the footies. Remember, his obsession with the mototycles pants? We haven't found a pair that he likes yet!

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