Timeouts and Chores

Bei's chore is to re-load the toilet paper container and put the plastic bags into the garbage containers. Honestly, we aren't breaking any child labor laws. He likes to help us do stuff, so we call those "Bei's chores". Curly locks came over this morning while Bei was doing his chores and they played tug a war for a while about who was going to do it. Now we all know by the time these two are even pre-teen's any type of help in the house is going to be foreign concept to them. "What help? Aren't I entitled?"

Bei met a new friend this weekend, named Ellie. He loved the attention she gave him!

Guess who came over wearing this get-up? Yep, you got it, it could only be Huckleberry!
Let me explain the above picture of Bei and I together. He had gotten a hold of my camera and was taking pictures around the house...which consist of at least some portion of his fingers which are covering the lens...ugh! So instead of ripping the camera out of his hands, I suggested to him that I take a picture of Bei and mom together. He was all up for the idea. And I got control of the camera again with no meltdown and put it away. He is getting the message with the camera and the computer, I say "it is not a toy". He touches both and say "toy". I think he wants to say it isn't a toy, but can't get it all in one sentence.
Bei was given a Curious George stuffed animal by our friends John and Leslie. And as most of you know George is a naughty little monkey. So when we first got him, I would toss George up in the air and say "George, settle down (toss again) come on George, George, George, you need to settle down or you are going to get a time out". Well, Bei latched right onto that and George gets about 100 time outs a day from Bei. Poor George! Bei will say "George (emphasis on the "r" in George to make it sound very british), come on...time out". Then he will say, "George crying" and go give him a hug and kiss after his time out." Today, I gave Bei a real time out. He threw his cup of gold fish, so I told him to go pick it up, that we don't throw food around. He was very tired this morning and he wasn't willing to pick up the food. So I said you need to have a time out. Crumble to the ground, crying hysterically...hey, aren't I suppose to put you somewhere in time out?...this is great if all I have to say is "time out" and you're down for the count...this is easy! Honestly, his time outs last less than a minute because he just meltsdowns and I feel that he gets it...for now.
Overall he is such a happy and joyful child, we are just crazy about him. He and I have a rhythm during the day that I would say is overall pretty quiet. So it is so funny to see Bei when Dan comes home. He cranks it up about 20 notches! He calls Dan, "Dadya". And it just starts the minute he walks in the door "Dadya, Dadya Watch! Watch!" The volume in the house just goes up along with the action! Dan is so exhausted many days after work, but you see this energy just come alive in him with this little boy jumping around demanding his attention. It is so sweet, I just love my boys!


Kellydaleiden said...

Huckleberry is really cute in his...er...bag costume! Keep up the good work with chores Bei!

Kellydaleiden said...

I forgot to say, when Bei Bei comes over...he can do mine!!