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Meet Bei's cousin Morgan
"Bei, give me that camera"

Bei mini golfing this summer!

The pictures above are from Bei's perspective, he has enjoyed taking pictures in the past.

Now that I'm a stay at home mom, I'm really trying to cut corners financially in every possible way. I had my latest revelation for saving money while grocery shopping! Bei has been a tentative shopper, he usually will sit in the cart through the produce section, but by the time I get to the first can good aisle he wants me to carry him...ugh...so I prop his non-existent butt (I call him "Bei Bei no butts"...the kid has absolutely no butt!) on the handle bars of the cart, he wraps his arms around me and I wrap my arms around him and try to push the cart. Then of course when I reach for the food, he is in my arms and it is a juggling act. I finally gave in the othe day and put him in one of the fun little cars that is attached in front of the cart, (not good for someone like me with depth perception issues...oops sorry sir, was that your ankle? Oops, sorry ma'am did I run over your first born?) Anyway, my hesitation of doing that was that I was worried that he would want to get in and out and would be able to run around. Let me tell you, I'm very perceptive because that is exactly what happened. However, there was hardly anybody at the store, so he would get out and he would say "I run!" and down the aisle he would go, giggling and laughing. He would stop at the end of the aisle and I would throw open my arms and he would run back into my arms and I would squeeze him and hug him. Sounds like fun? Well it was! So my thought was "who needs to pay for tumbling classes and gymboree,? We'll just come to the grocery store and he can run and play and I will save $30 to $60! Great plan! Fast forward to the next time that we go to the grocery store, it was busy, they had lots of paying customers, but guess who didn't want to sit in the cart or the car? Guess who said "I run, I run!"? I let him out of the car of the cart for a little while and let him "run" and it was pretty clear that other mom's who children were sitting perfectly either in the cart or little car, had no time for it, but thank goodness for the the old people, they thought he was darling! My mind keeps going back to the book that I read called "Toddlerwise". It said something about being very careful about that first time you say "yes" to something your toddler wants, because they are going to expect it all the time and undoing something is alot harder than saying no upfront. Maybe they should of used some examples...

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kate said...

forget the books! experience is the best teacher, and I think you figured
it out...kids will teach you things you never imagined!