Bei Update

We bought this little drum in China and you roll it between your fingers to play, which Bei now has figured out how to play.

Helping mom rake the leaves!

Cutie Face!

Yesterday was Bei second post-operation appointment. The doctor said he looks great, his x-ray was perfect and they took him off of the diruretic. Every morning he would say "Medicine"...oh yeah, thanks for the reminder little guy. This past week, he would still remind me, but no longer wanted to administer it himself. Unfortunately, I had to strong arm him to get it down the ole gullet. So, for that reason alone, I'm personally glad that there is no more medicine.

He is such a silly kid in alot of ways, he now calls me mom mom and every now and then he'll call me mommy. He refers to himself in the third person, so he'll say things like "Bei do it", "Bei Bei's turn". He is really in to taking turns. I'll be on the phone or what he calls the Doe Doe and after about 5 minutes, he'll say "Bei Bei's turn"...no, Bei I don't really think the cable guy wants to talk to you. Another fun thing is that Aunt Jeannine's stay with him obviously has captured his heart. He refers to the bed that she slept in, which is suppose to be Bei's bed, as Aunt Jeannine's bed. Every morning we make our bed (Dan's, Liz's and Bei's) and Bei always says "Aunt Jeannine's bed, so we go and pretend to make the bed again, even though it is still made from when she left. From day one, I would say to him that he is "Mama's Bei Bei". I thought it would be a way to bond and that he would understand that we are connected forever. So now when I say it, he corrects me and tells me he is "Aunt Jeannine's Bei Bei"...little rascal! Lastly, the big kicker for me is that when I kiss him he would wipe his mouth and say "yucky"...thanks alot kid! So I told him he should say "yummy" when I kiss him. This morning, I went to kiss him and up came his hand over his mouth, so I kissed it and he said "yummy". Don't worry, through out the day I bribe him to kiss me...I know the things that he really wants and sometimes he has to give his mom a kiss to get them and not one of those fake-0 hand ones either!

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