Reality Check

On Thursday, I took Bei to Toddler-Time at the Community Center. Toddler-Time is an hour and half of play time for infants to 5 year olds. The Community Center supplies all the toys and activities, but it is free time for you and your toddler to spend however you want. Now that Bei is all fixed up, I thought it was time that we finally got involved in some of the activities that the community has to offer. What an eye-opener it was for me. Let me share our experience...
Bei loved this tent in the form of a bus. He could walk around in it and carry it and be the bus driver. He loved it! There were a ton of balls, he loves to throw balls! They had one of those full size blow up jump in things, he thought it was fun, but didn't want to do it for very long. Anyway, we were playing for about a half an hour when Bei spied this area that you climbed into and had a bunch of balls that you can throw. Let me preface this with the fact that another little boy or as I refer to him as Bully #1 had spent most of his time in that area, but had recently left. In climbs Bei and he starts picking up balls to throw when Bully #1 comes charging over the wall with his hand up like he is going to hit Bei...yikes!!!! I could see the Headline News..."Crazed mom drop kicks Bully #1 out of Community Center Gym". Luckily his mom stepped in and spoke to him and Bei and Bully #1 played nicely together. Thank you other mom! Next thing Bei wanted to play with was a T-Ball Set that you hit the ball off of. He had hit the ball maybe 5 times, when this little wisp of a demon, with the most angelic face, came over took the ball off the T and ran away with it. Okay, she gets a pass, first of all, she was so darn cute and secondly, the ball was pink, we needed to find a more manly ball anyway. The other thing that Bei played a long time with was one of those tube tent things that you crawl through. I would lay at the other end and cheer him on. Bei had just gotten into the tent when Bully #3 came running over, he was one of those kids, that I could tell is going to spend the his life like a bull in china shop. I knew that he would not wait for Bei to get through tent or wait behind him. Sure enough, before I know it he is trying to pass Bei in this little tube, however, Bei just sped up and wouldn't let him pass. Good to know that this little guy can hold his own when needed. Our last Bully experience was at the Kitchen Set, a little boy was playing with all the plastic foods, can goods and other items, when Bei ran up and snatched a pot from the little boy's hand and tried to push his way up to the stove...oops...I guess my kid is the bully now!! My realization is that this was all very normal behavior on all the children's part, and the bubble that Bei has been living in, which mind you is a wonderful bubble, needs to be burst or at least I need to let a little normal air in it. It has been a wonderful 6 months with our guy!!!


kate said...

You are too darn funny Liz! Just keep up that sense of humor about things and you'll do great! I think you could write a book!!! :)

Kellydaleiden said...

Hi Aunt Liz, Uncle Dan, and Bei!

You make this blog so cute, and so much fun to read! I think you could write a book about your adoption and life with Bei.