Christmas has arrived!

This is one of many of the pictures that didn't pass the muster for the "Christmas picture" ( If you double click and enlarge, you will see the bouillon cube that he was sneaking into the picture.)

Bei hanging up the ornaments...his favorite is this Choo Choo

Bei loved playing with our friends "Owl". For some reason, he thinks cat's are owls. He has me seeing the connection, a cats face and head kind of looks like owls.

We put up our tree this week, and what a much more fun activity to do with a child, than by ourselves. It was fun to watch Bei open all the ornaments and place them on the tree or I would say the lowest branches. He would put four ornaments on the same branch. I let him and then when he went to bed, I finished the rest of the tree. He was definitely attracted to anything that even remotely resembled a choo choo. Our tree is decorated with ornaments from all the places that we have traveled in the past 20 years, and it was fun to add our China ornament to it. It is front and center...right where the Green Bay Packer ornament was until I dropped another ornament on it and it broke...poor Dan...the Packer's have been rough on him...first Farve and now the Packer Ornament.

This morning I decided to put Bei into his Christmas outfit and try taking a Christmas photo in front of the tree...oh my gosh...I have a knew found respect for photographers. Who would think it would be such a challenging job. "Okay kid, go stand in front of the tree and say cheese." Simple...right? First of all, I didn't realize that Bei had something in his hand and kept putting it up to his mouth when I was ready to snap a picture. It was a chicken bouillion cube! I have to keep those under lock and key because he loves licking them. He reminds me of the cows on our farm that licked the salt block. Yuck! I finally wrangled the salt block out of his hand, but by this time he was bored and wanted to go play. So I promised him something that he has only had once before...gum. Okay, that did the trick. He stood as well as a two year old boy can stand and I'm not a professional, but I got a picture and it is good enough. I went to get the gum that I had seen on top of the refridgerator. Uh oh, there was a packet of gum, but it was empty. Ugh...here is the cool thing, I was expecting Bei to breakdown when I told him no gum, but he is really easy going, but smart..."store" he said. Yep, you are right kiddo, now we have to go to the store to buy you some gum. We ran over to SA and he picked out the gum that he has only had once before which is the gum his dad chews which is Eclipse. I feel really good about Bei's decision to choose the Eclipse gum, because if any of you have ever had it you know it is like biting into a tube of toothpaste. Bei takes a bite of the first one and says "yucky", gives it to me, takes a bite of the second, says, "yucky", gives it to me, takes a bite of the third...yucky...gives it to me...you get the picture. Mom got what she wanted and Bei got to have his gum, everybody is happy. Who said I would never use my psychology degree?

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