My Nemesis Strikes Again

When Bei asked if he could make a mud puddle with the hose, I was all for it!   Who doesn't love to jump in a mud puddle?   Dang!  I wish I would have thought it out a little further because look who showed up at the back door looking all happy with himself.  I can just hear Elvis's diabolical inner thought process.   Hmmmm, let's see...I have pee'd, pooped and puked all over the house.   I have chewed on every shoe, piece of furniture and toy that I can sink my teeth in.  I do obscene things to the stuff animals but  I am getting bored...what can I do now?   A mud puddle...perfect!

So when I showed Dan this picture of Elvis and told him I was going to put it on the blog, Dan said "It is not a very cute picture of him."   Really?  

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