Silver Linings

This kid is such a happy little guy when he is healthy!  I captured him and Elvis playing together and this is the type of smile that Elvis brings to Kai Kai Sweetie Pie's face.

Bei lovingly took care of this caterpillar for over a week.  He played with him daily.   I even missed the little fellar after we let him go.

The kids had a great time carving pumpkins!

The goo in the middle is the best part!

Some pictures are just better in black and white

Thank goodness for sisters!  Nanette was suppose to come last week but postponed her trip to this week.   Do you think that was a God thing?   He knew I would have my hands filled with Kai.  She is a mom, she has been there and done that!  After Kai's fever broke this morning, he used Aunt Nanette as a jungle gym.  Thank you Nanette!!!  You made a stressful day much easier!

Guess who was sick again?   Yep, Kai Kai Sweetie Pie!  Perforated Ear Drum, 103 temp, allergic reaction to the medication, multiple trips to the Urgent Care...blah, blah, blah.   Doesn't it all seem to be running together?    But let me tell you the two silver linings in his illness.   The first one is that I have been sick to my stomach for the past week and a half because Kai refuses to wear his hearing aids.   So maybe, just maybe this ear drum business has been building for the past week and he will wear his hearing aids again now that the pressure is released.   Please, Please pray for him!   We need him to wear them to gain a language.  

The second silver lining is even better!   Kai has never had even a slight temp without having a seizure, so I was very worried yesterday as his temp kept going up and up and up.   I was just waiting for the seizures to begin.   When I did sleep last night it was with one eye open to keep an eye on Kai so I would be there if he had a seizure.   Good news...no seizures!!!!!    If he can make it to November 20th without a seizure he will have gone 6 months without a seizure.    The longest he has ever gone!   We would be grateful for any prayers to help Kai meet his seizure free goal of 6 months.

Kai's fever broke this morning and I think he is on the road to recovery, once again!

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