More Cousin-Time

Hey Dad...I'm back here...could I get a little help??
He came up with smiles on his face every time.

One of our favorite things to do is to go to the middle of the lake, jump out and float around. Here is Mr. Fearless jumping off the boat into the lake.

Bei loves hanging out with his cousins, Ben and Elizabeth. Elizabeth teaches the latest slang, like the "Rock On" symbol with tongue hanging out and all. This is just a fun picture that they took together.

Somebody should do a show on the worst tourist traps, because the Big Muskie museum in northern Wisconsin is one of them. Think...Corn Palace...Mitchell, South Dakota...and then just keep driving because it ain't worth stoppin.

Bei is mini-golfed obsessed!

Uncle Randy teaching Bei how to soar like an eagle.

A few weeks ago, my sister Jeannine and her family came for a visit at the cabin and we had the most wonderful time. I wanted to share some of my pictures with everyone.

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