Busy doing nothing...

Bei's shirt reads "I'm skin and bones...needs more CANDY." Huckleberry's mom gave Bei this shirt the day before they moved and he wore it that night and to our outing the next day to the pumpkin patch. I finally made him take it off, so I could wash it.

"Busy doing nothing" is usually how I answer queries from friends and family about what have I been up to lately. I know people don't care to hear the details about how Bei and I spent hours rolling foam golf balls down my driveway and then spent another hour laying under the maple tree throwing the balls into the branches to see if they would stick...they didn't. Or how we spend hours on the floor wrestling with "the claw" and end up having tickle fights. I am overjoyed being home "doing nothing" with Bei. In my very biased opinion, he is such a happy, delightful, mature little boy that he makes parenting him easy, fun and so incredibly enjoyable. If you haven't noticed, I am just crazy crazy about that little boy! Ironically, this is not how I perceived that I would spend my time with my child as a stay at home mom. I thought I would be one of those mom's that is on the go, music at 9:00, tumbling at 11:00, eat lunch and swimming starts at 1:00, etc. etc. But what I have learned is that none of this is about me. As a mom you automatically adjust to what is right for your child. Bei is a snuggly, cuddlebug who really wants his moms time. If he was yearning for the social interaction and more activity I would definitely make it happen for him. I feel so fortunate that I am able to spend this time with him. I know I am blessed and that it is a priviledge for me to be "busy doing nothing" all day with my little boy.

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