My independent little man...

Bei playing with his cousins, Blake, Elly, Morgan and Lulu

As many of you know, part of my bonding strategy for Bei has been to let him determine when he is ready to be separated from me. That included sleeping, kids activities and adult time (Dan and I going out for the evening and leaving him with a babysitter). That has meant that I haven't signed him up for classes or had babysitters. Sometimes he wouldn't even spend time alone with Dan. But now this little man has turned a corner. Several weeks ago I agreed to play volleyball and wanted to prep Bei that I would be leaving, so I told him that he would have a "boys night out". That meant Daddy would take him mini-golfing when he got home from work, but mom would not go. All day I kept hyping "boys night out". Well, dad walked in the door, it was a kiss goodbye and a wave to me from the truck and off he went. One happy little boy with his daddy. The next day we were getting ready to leave for the cabin and Bei said, "Just Daddy and Bei go, mom stay home". Well no...that is not going to work. That same weekend, he wanted just Daddy and Bei to go on the boat, no mom. Yes, that works fine...I get to read!!!! Dan thought my feelings might be hurt, but I told him, that Bei's sense of independence is a break away from me. It is natural, normal growth and it is what we want, so go ahead and take him. He is feeling secure enough to leave me and that is a good thing. Okay, I've created a monster, yesterday he wanted two boys down the street to watch him, while I ran errands and and they did. He went over to their house and was perfectly fine. Today cousin Elly, took him to the Children's Museum for the second time, those two have really bonded. He also has been sleeping in his own bed for the past 4 to 5 months. He has become a very confident little boy and I am so proud of him. Next step, is to sign him up for a fun little class to see how he does with it.

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