My little Wolverine

My little Wolverine having a quiet moment

Today I challenged myself and agreed to meet a girlfriend for lunch. This has now become a thing, that I'm starting to dread...Why you may ask? Because my son turns into a wolverine any time he steps into a restaurant. And unfortunately, I just sit there like a stooge. For some reason this sweet, well-behaved child of mine all of sudden wants to be doing the chicken dance on top of the table, disassemble the salt and pepper shakers, (usually by licking them), finds, identifies and collects all the germy gunky stuff stuck under the table and without fail wants to eat only the food on my friends plate. I can see the looks in my friends eyes, as I sit there with my head in the deer light look as this little wolverine is orchestrating chaos around me. They are thinking "yep...another older mom, so desperate to have a kid...doesn't know how to discipline her kid". Or a few of my friends have just said "man, I'm so glad my kids are teenagers"...yes, Bei's, poor behavior actually has parents liking their teenage kids! Now, you may think I don't discipline Bei, but I do at home or even in the grocery store. However, it is hard for me to say to my friend who has left work for an hour, driven across town, "I am going to spend your precious lunch time disciplining my kid". I'm not good at the public disciplining thing...YET.... I must not like to make a scene...and I bet that is exactly what that little wolverine is banking on... He might have won a few battles, but the alpha wolf will win the war...

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