The Fashion Police!

Taylor has been visiting Bei and I on Tuesday and Thursday mornings before classes. We both are loving our time with her!
Bei made sure "Uncle" did not get lonely for his own 4 kids when he came to visit us at the cabin.

Sad News! Huckleberry and Company are moving this Saturday!!! We are very sad, but know we will keep in touch with them. They will be about a 20 minute drive away.

Dad and Bei at the Science Museum

About 4 months ago, whenever I put on a new top that Bei had not seen he will say "too cute, mom!" or "cute, cute, twirl,mom, twirl." Of course, I feel really good about myself because someone thinks what I'm wearing is cute! Pay no mind that he is three years old...at my juncture in life, I will get all the kudo's I can, from wherever I can. Well, the other day I was cleaning out my clothing drawers and I came across a pair of shorts that I had been looking for all summer long, my pink plaid shorts. Later in the week, I put the pink plaid shorts on with a cute pink top that I had and walked out to the living room. Bei immediately pointed and said "Mom, whats those?" "Bei, these are my shorts." He responded by saying "they are funny mom!" Thank goodness, Bei saved the day! I can imagine the stories that would be told in the neighborhood amongst the children. "Hey Bei, your mom wears bozo the clown shorts." Or "Hey Bei, does your mom work for the circus?" Alright, you all know me well enough by now, that, yes I did go back into the bedroom and put on the same khaki shorts that I wear day in and day out. This kid is keeping me from being the laughing stock of the neighborhood! Thanks Bei!

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