Pay back...

Bei could not wait to get outside to enjoy the snow today!

Remember in my last blog (do I dear say the word?), I "bragged" about Bei being so well behaved?? Well, the pre-schooler gods got me again. I knew they would...the very next day, Bei threw one heck of a tantrum because I wouldn't buy him a box of nerds. Mean and evil mom that I am. The following week we started his music class and they have a Thomas the Train station area for kids to play with and after allowing him to play for over an hour with the trains, I was hungry and ready to leave. This was a mega-tantrum that he threw, kicking, pinching and screaming. What? Where? It totally discombabilates me...he is such a calm kid normally...but I'm not bragging...really I'm not!

Today is our morning music class, however, Bei woke up and he was being very whiny and somewhat crying over silly things. So I gathered him in my arms to talk to him about his behavior; as I was talking to him, his lower lip was pouting and he was staring straight ahead watching the huge snowflakes fall outside our patio doors. It was like he was in a daze, not paying any attention to me, not blinking, just being mezmorized by the snow. I was saying to him "we have music class to day, are you going to throw a tantrum? or are you going to be a big boy for mom with no tears, no tantrums?" I was sure that Bei wasn't even listening, however, he suddenly said with a very straight face "sure will Boss Hog". I cracked up laughing and eventually so did Bei. I was not expecting that response if any at all...perhaps we are moving from tantrums to sassy???

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