Princess Sara (Doe Doe)

We always teased in China that Sara had a "Wisconsin Cheese" smile and I'm glad to see she still does...even though she doesn't live in Wisconsin.
Her rough and tumble brothers keep her on her toes and vice versa!

Bei's future wife. Isn't she just beautiful?

Sara's mom started a sensation with all of us adopted parents. She joined facebook and now we are talking to each other and sharing pictures via facebook. Jen shared a bunch of pictures of Sara and her family with me and I just had to show them to everyone. I was able to speak with Sara on the phone recently and was amazed at how wells she speaks. She said "Hi Bei Bei's mom, how are you?". And then I proceeded to ask her questions and she went into some intense conversation for a two year old. Now Bei can talk on the phone, but if I don't tell him specifically what to say he goes into some form of Chinese gutteral mumbling that nobody knows what he is saying. May be a difference between boys and girls and the fact that she has siblings talking to her. Don't get me wrong, Bei can talk but there was a difference between the two.
Another fun thing that I didn't get a chance to blog about when it occurred is that Doug, Sara's father was in the Cities last October and we were able to visit with him. It was very fun for us to see him because we like both him and Jen alot, but it also was fun to see his reaction to Bei. You can tell he is a kid person and he paid alot of attention to Bei. I asked Doug what the biggest difference was in seeing Bei and he said "Bei is willing to look at me". I had forgotten what a scared and shy little guy he was in China. Bei had not physically changed much by October when Doug saw him because he had just had his open heart surgery. It is just really fun to stay in touch with the other adoptee parents to see how their children are thriving also. As one of the adoptee parents, Beth, has told me several times "we have been at the birth of each others children and families". It is so true!

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