The kids right before going to Church on Sunday!
Bei discovered this game, which we named "Floating Pinata", he would let the helium balloon go and we would all chase after it. He thought it was quite fun!

Kelly made a vow on Sunday to win Bei away from Gina and made a concerted effort to be with him. I think she made some headway...he quit calling her "Gina" and realized her name was "Kelly". I think he thought all sweet and kind little girls names were Gina.

Every morning Bei would wake up and say "Gina". He would climb over me and out of bed and go stare at her sleeping in the living room. He would be within a foot of her face, poor little Gina probably felt like she was being stalked!

This past weekend I was able to go on a vacation in my own home! It was wonderful! My brother Nick, wife Kathy and their children came for a long weekend. Bei is infatuated with the girls and they are very wonderful to him, so all I had to do is put him down at night. This entire weekend was a win-win for me, Bei was able to spend alot of quality time with cousins and I was able to do spend time with family, and do one of my favorite things, which is cooking!

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