4 year old Ava helping Bei watch his hands before dinner.

Bei's friends Ella and Anna, they are the older sisters to Ava who is also adopted from China.

Bei and I shoveling the driveway after the latest snow storm.

Bei has taken quite a growth spurt recently, both physically and developmentally. His verbal communication has improved remarkably over the past few weeks. He definitely is showing me more of his personality and I'm having to establish some firm boundaries about what he can and can't do. However, on Thursday, we had a perfect day; Bei woke up laughing and it carried through out a very fun-filled day. Honestly, I thought he was the perfect little boy and was going to blog about it that night. Well good thing I didn't, because Bei woke up Friday morning and pretty much gave me the finger...okay, not literally, but figuratively. He was a pistol all day and definitely did not resemble the perfect child I had seen the day before that I wanted so badly to brag about. I'm learning lots about parenting and realizing that every stage a child goes through is fleeting, so enjoy each and every piece of it, because it will change soon enough.

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We all have to come to the realization that our kids really aren't the total perfection we thought. But with that realization comes a whole new perspective that helps to make us the parents we long to be.