My Three Year Old

Wee! This is fun!
Bei loves going to the park even in the winter time. He had to bring his balloon, which we clipped to his coat.

Even though Bei didn't feel well this week, it didn't mean he couldn't be put to work! He is helping paint one of the spare bedrooms. (Note the Motorcycle pants that he still insists on wearing, they are now capri's at best and moving to the knicker realm.)

This is Dan's version of "Ring around the Rosey", when they fall down they break into the worm from Animal House! Uncle John joined in the fun with Dan and Bei!

Bei is definitely a three year old already. I get alot of "Bei do it his self". "Mom, no help", "Mom, no hands". His vocabulary is also growing and he is comprehending more. Some of the cute things, that I have heard him say recently are "Ohhhh....Rats!", "Uh oh...oh welllll...", "Darn it!"
Bei is still really cuddly and wants to be held alot. (Which I LOVE!) All of sudden he is over the "yucky" remarks about the kiss, and he is back to kissing me all day long again. He loves to be held and would love me to hold him 24 hours a day if I could. He has gained another pound and is 26 pounds, so he gets heavy for me after a while.
He loves exercise tapes. When I first came back from China I put in a DVD called Booty Yoga, he loves to watch it! I wonder why??? This week, I finally have committed myself to getting back into shape. Believe me, after 9 months of a kid pushing candy and sweets on you, a person gains weight! I swear that he could have easily been born into my family. In the way that he pushes food on me, reminds me of my Grandma Phyllis. Plus, he loves to eat butter by the spoonfuls! Hello family...does that sound like anybody we know???...I'm not mentioning any names! Anyway, I've always watched my food intake and excercise because I always say, "there is a fat body dying to get out here. " So I have used Bei as an excuse long enough and I need to get back to working out. Have you ever exercised with a toddler? "Oh mom is down on all fours, I'll climb on her back and ride horsey". "Now she is doing scissor kicks with her legs, I'll see if I can run through them". "She is on her back, I'll ride her legs up and down". I won't need the 25 lb weights for some time, because I have one built in already. But once again I LOVE it!

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