Thankful and Grateful!

Bei helped daddy take down the crib, he was quite proud of himself. (Note his work boots)
Our goal is to get Bei into his own bed by the time he goes away to College.

Bei enjoying his time with his friends

Bei racing Huckleberry on his tractor, Huck was on a scooter...it was too tight of a race to call a winner.

I want to start off today's blog by thanking everyone for their support with Bei's upcoming surgery. Once again we are touched by people's inherent kindness and warm thoughts. Going through the entire process of the adoption and now the open heart surgery, has renewed my faith in mankind. I know it sounds corny, but it is true! We appreciate the emails, phone calls, notes, comments on the blog, all of it is supportive and helpful to know that there is lots of prayer and positive energy going towards Bei. He has touched alot of peoples lives, but alot of people have touched his life and ours, so we humbly thank you.
We have had a really busy week which is probably good in light of the fact that we are facing the surgery next week. On Tuesday, we had our post adoption visit with our social worker. I didn't realize this until we got back home, but China requires a 6 month and 12 month post adoption report with pictures! Well, I think we passed.
Tomorrow, we have our pre-op appointment and we will tour the Children's Hospital, meet with the anesthesiologist and life-specialist. Then tomorrow afternoon we have a friend from Australia, whom we met while vacationing in Germany, staying with us and he flies out on Saturday.
Then Sunday, my sister Jeannine is coming from Chicago to be a support for us during the Surgery.

Of course, I have to leave this blog with a little humorous tale. On Wednesday, we played with Huckleberry and his sister Curly Locks. (Brother Max has been AWOL since the railing incident). We ended up going to the park and on the way back, Bei had a meltdown. I had tried a few various things, including trying to just pick Bei up and carry him, but he slithered out of my arms. Ole Huck was getting frustrated because we weren't making any progress towards home. I was real open to suggestions at this point, since everything I tried didn't work, so I asked Huck what he thought I should do. Ole Huck knew exactly what to do! He said "let's make funny faces at him". Okay! Sounds as good of a plan as any! So the kids ran back to where Bei was laying on the ground tossing himself and they started pulling their faces every which way, once I caught up to them, I joined in too. Bei didn't know what else to do but get his shy little grin on his face, get up and walk home with us...problem solved! Way to go Huckleberry! Whenever I have a discipline problem, I'll give you a call.
I plan on updating the blog during Bei's hospital stay, granted that there is internet access at the hospital.
Please keep praying for our little Bei's recovery!!

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